Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Little Blades

In the spring, when pleasant breezes wafted through the trees and temperatures were in the 70's, I spent hours down on my knees pulling grass out of the lovely rock border that surrounds our home. Of course, the need for this task was supposed to have been eliminated by the laying of black plastic before putting down the river rocks.  Note to self: it doesn't work.

So, I pulled up every errant blade. It looked lovely. However, as surely as summer follows spring, the rains came, the sun beat down, and the grass grew back. Yes. The grass grew and my desire to get out there in the heat waned. I tried not to look at the border as I walked by.

A cool front meandered down from the north last weekend bringing refreshing wind and lowering the temperature. I grabbed my little mat and pink gardening gloves and got busy. I thought it would take forever, but happily the lush growth came up in bunches - the roots giving way easily.

I made good progress until I came to the tiny blades standing apart from the rest. Those little guys had no intention of giving up their hold on the soil beneath that black plastic. I resorted to the two-handed pull - all to no avail. They held firm. I absolutely could not uproot them.

They got me to thinking about people ( I know. It's just the way my mind works.). So often it's the ones with all the show who turn out to be rather shallow. We look at them with adoring eyes and think how amazing they are, only to be disappointed somewhere along the line.

All the while, it's the little ones - the ones so easily overlooked - who are making a difference. They stand, rooted deeply in unshakeable faith, doing what they were born to do. When the times get  tough, they remain strong.

I admire those little guys, but I sure do wish I could pull them out by the roots.

"But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then. "
Matt. 19:30