Monday, October 6, 2014

Playdates With God

I wonder if you're a little bit like me. You pray; you read the Word; you even attend a Bible Study or two - and all the while, in your heart of hearts, it feels like something is missing. There is a longing for something more - more than a laundry list of needs recited over and over again. More than dutifully reading the required portion of scripture.

I'm not suggesting these things are not good and important. They are. I'm simply saying it often feels like they are not enough. I want to feel His breath on my face, see the wonder of who He is, press close to His heart. I want to take His hand and feel the pressure of His touch. I want to see what He sees - the way He sees.

In her new book, Playdates with God, Laura Boggess invites us to step outside of our ordered lives and find the wonder and intimacy our hearts long for. It is an invitation from the Father Himself to spend time together - unstructured, joy-filled time. To slow down and discover Him in the beauty of His creation, to see others as He sees them, to find Him even in the dark times.

With beautiful, poetic writing Laura shares with us the joy of coming back to childlike faith in a Father who longs to reveal Himself to us and who waits for us to come "play."