Friday, October 3, 2014

New - Five Minute Friday

Today's Five Minute Friday word is:



For the first time in many long months, it's been nice enough to sit outside at the little round glass-topped table and eat lunch. When we were all finished, I went inside, grabbed my laptop and sat right back down at the table. I can't bear the idea of sitting inside on an afternoon like this.

I look across at the stand of ancient oaks, and wonder again what stories they could tell me were they granted the ability to converse. They have been here for well over a hundred years. Who walked this land before us? Did anyone ever put down roots only to have to move away?

The wind whips through the branches, sounding like ocean waves. It causes the long spears of grass in the fields to dance. I can hear the neighbor's chickens gossiping among themselves, and then the cry of the rooster - possibly getting those girls in shape.

There is the sound of birds - who always seem to find something to sing about. The clouds have blown away and the sky is a clear blue. When I look up, I see a vulture soaring on the air currents. Even he has a beauty all his own on a day like this.

I close my eyes and let the refreshing wind blow over me - and marvel at how it's all made new…over and over again. Miraculous.


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