Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day 20 - Humbled

Five more days - the hours spill out like water and run into a stream of days. I've been absent for a few of them. I apologize. I've been reading Ann's words but haven't had the time to sit and let them sink into my heart.

Mine is a soul that needs a quiet place when everything around me whirls with activity. I go through the motions, all the while longing for the time when I can step into silence. The necessary to-do list has been long for a great many days.

During this time I've been reminded of my smallness. In so many ways, the Father has taken away things that have given me a sense of worth. Sometimes that comes with tears - this stripping away of self and pride - this humbling.

He never leaves us empty. He takes away only to give. We measure what we think we must have against what He graciously pours out and find ourselves blessed. We find humility wrapped in the embrace of His love and know our worth.

Jesus came, small and humble - the greatest gift mankind will ever know.