Monday, December 1, 2014

"The Greatest Gift"

It arrived just in time, the little gift I gave to myself - for my heart - this advent season. I've known Ann Voskamp for as many years as I've been blogging - drawn to her beautifully poetic voice and equally beautiful heart. Several years ago I read her Jesse Tree book and made a little tree of our own, hanging the colorful ornaments daily during Advent. Now, all these years later, I hold her book, "The Greatest Gift" in my hands and once again journey with her through scripture - tracing the greatest love story of all time.

I haven't written in this little space for a while now. There have been things going on in our lives that have worn us down physically and emotionally - draining the words right out of my heart. But it is December - and Christmas is coming. I want to slow in the midst of the circumstances and look for Him.

So I pick up this little book and begin reading at Day 1. There is a section called "A Moment for Reflection," and I feel a gentle pull to write a response to one question each day - as time permits. Briefly and honestly - from my heart - for I long to find Him in the small, quiet, unexpected moments.

"What are you waiting for, yearning for this season?"

I am yearning for more of Him. He has promised when I seek Him, I will find Him. I look back on these difficult days and see that He has been there - in small, quiet ways; in miraculous ways - always faithful and loving.

We will continue to walk through these difficulties, but I will be looking for Him. Today I saw Him in the quiet acceptance in the faces of my elderly parents, in the warm embrace of a doctor, in the encouraging words of a friend, in the melodies of Christmas; in a bouquet of pink and yellow carnations.