Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Letter to God - Prayer Meeting

Dear Lord,

We gathered to pray together on this beautiful Thursday. Six simple women, sitting around a table in a small portable building. We talked about miracles and how nothing is impossible for You. Puzzled over things too deep for us to fully understand and rested, confident, in Your goodness, wisdom and love.
With uncommon vulnerability, we shared the needs pressing on our hearts - nothing too great or too small. No pretense to man's ideal - flawed, struggling, needy.

And then the miracle - You bent down and listened. You didn't miss a word or a sigh. You caught every tear storing them, like rich perfume, in a bottle.* In Your name we whispered pleas for healing, cried out for loved ones far from home, fought battles against evil by Your might, surrounded brothers and sisters, suffering in places we will never see, with Your love. We gave You praise and thanks - and You poured out peace and joy.

Thank You for miracles on an ordinary Thursday.

I love You so,

*Psalm 56:8