Friday, June 5, 2015

Country Roads

 It really is quite unkind to end a post with: "to be continued" and then not write the next installment. I know. However, we are old, retired folks, and occasionally a day comes to us heavy with possibility.

Today was just such a day - sunshine, gentle breezes and a blue sky filled with puffy clouds. I had a yen for a ride in the country - specifically the one that leads to the Wildflower Farm. Being old, retired folks we went for our walk before hopping in the car and heading out to the Hill Country.

It was a perfect day for a ride.

Wildflower season is nearly over, but there were still these soft-hued fields.

Butterflies looped in and out of the rows of flowers.

On the way home, we drove by the Blanco River. The banks were littered with reminders of last week's floods.

 I think I could ride down country roads for hours on end (that is, if my legs didn't get all stiff after a couple of hours of sitting still). Old abandoned houses, immaculate farms, ponds sparkling in the sunlight, long stretches of grassland dotted with gently grazing cows - it all fills me with a sense of peace.

All that to say, I apologize for not writing the promised post. Soon.