Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A "Newsy" Little Post

I don't normally write about my day-to-day life (because, let's face it, it isn't very exciting), but since I've been gone for a while I thought I'd make this a "newsy" post and catch up.

Last Saturday we attended an "elegant" party celebrating the first birthday of our friends' granddaughter. Her creative mama went all out with everything from a castle piñata she crafted herself, to handmade party favors for adults and children alike.

The birthday girl needed a bit of help from her uncle when it was time to have a go at the piñata. It was a wonderful, tiring affair for such a little princess, and she fell asleep right before it was time to open her presents. Precious moments.

Earlier in the week our grandson came for a visit. Before he arrived I wracked my poor little brain for things two old folks could do with a fourteen year old and not bore him senseless. As it turned out, I needn't have worried.

We took him to play miniature golf (one of us decided to sit in the shade with a good book while they hit balls in the hot sun). They got through 18 holes in record time :)

Then we took him to visit the Great-grandparents. After telling him they couldn't believe how tall he grown, we settled in for a little chat. He was so sweet.

We went to a movie - Mall Cop 2 - and laughed ourselves silly. It was so nice to just sit back in the cool theater and suspend reality for a little while.

He and his Papa spent hours playing dominoes. The competitive spirit is alive and well in our family!

On Friday we drove to the Assisted Living where my Mom and Dad have a small apartment to take them on a little outing. We did a bit of shopping: my Dad bought a laptop! At 95 he still wants to keep up with things. Fortunately one of the sweet ladies at their Assisted Living is willing to help him when he gets stuck.

Next up was a little shopping for Mom - new capris. Then lunch at a Chinese restaurant. They aren't happy with the food at their place, so it's a real treat to eat out once in a while.

It was a full week, and as I thought back over the days there were so many things to be thankful for:

- safe travels
- a tall, precious grandson who is an absolute delight (it's hard to believe, sometimes, that we are old   enough for grown up grandchildren!)
- Mom and Dad doing well
- laughter
- celebrating the birthday of a long-prayed for little one
- good friends
- answered prayer
- abundant provision
- text messages from grandchildren serving Him in faraway places

God is there in our small moments, filling them with reminders of His love and care.