Thursday, July 23, 2015

Under His Wings

For three years in a row the Cardinals have returned to this place to build their nest. From my kitchen window I watch as they painstakingly weave bits of twigs and string into a safe bed for little ones. When the work is completed, she lays her eggs, and then comes the long wait. 

Day after day I watch as she patiently sits, keeping her unborn babies warm and protected. The nest is tucked deep inside a hanging planter on our porch. I think it a wise choice until I see how it is buffeted by the wind. Some days I wonder how she remains so steadfast as the planter swings wildly back and forth. She leaves only for brief periods - to eat and take care of necessary things I suppose.

I lost track of the time, but a few days ago I saw little heads, mouths opened wide, barely peeking above the rim. Now the real work begins - the unending trips back and forth to feed hungry little bellies. Papa steps in to help, and they devote themselves to the care of their precious babies…

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