Saturday, July 25, 2015

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

"We are living out these lives of ours too much apart from God. We toil on dismally, as if the making or the marring of our destinies rested wholly with ourselves. It is not so. We are not the lonely, orphaned creatures we let ourselves suppose ourselves to be. The earth, rolling on its way through space, does not go unattended. The Maker and Controller of it is here and now. He knows us infinitely more thoroughly than we know ourselves. He loves us better than we have ever dared to believe could be possible."
 William R. Huntington (1838)

"Some of us believe that Gd is all mighty, and may do all; and that He is all wisdom, and can do all; but that He is all love, and will do all, there we fail."
 Mother Juliana (1373)

Praying your heart is filled with His joy and peace as you walk through this weekend friends,