Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beauty Treatment For the Inside

I'm not sure whether it's the oppressive heat (the temperatures have been in the triple digits for days and days), the niggling things that sit somewhere right around my heart or… I don't know what. In any case, I've searched and rifled through my poor little brain and haven't been able to come up with one single creative thought - not one.

However, Mma Ramotswe's mind is a fertile field of creativity, and I'm going to let her write another blog post for me.

She has just had a beauty treatment at the Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. Mma Soleti has gently massaged her face with a cream made of aloes with a touch of lemon juice:

"And beauty, she reminded herself, was both an inside and an outside quality. You could be very glamorous and beautiful on the outside, but if inside you were filled with human faults - jealousy, spite and the like - then no amount of exterior beauty would make up for that. Perhaps there was some sort of lemon juice for inside beauty … And even as she thought of it, she realized what it was: love and kindness. Love was the lemon juice that cleansed and kindness was the aloe that healed."
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon - Alexander McCall Smith

Isn't she wise and wonderful?

I'm still in search of a creative thought. In the meantime:


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  1. Years ago, when I was learning the ‘craft’ of writing, I devoured as many ‘Writers on Writing’ books that I could get my hands on - even some old ones I found in garage sales. Lots of great insight in first hand accounts of professionals who must depend on their muse for a living. A couple techniques really hung on for me.

    One was something Hemingway used to keep writer’s block away. When he was done writing for the day he would end in mid sentence. Cool huh! Another, that is just an embedded habit for me now and I don’t recall who did it, but when inspiration seems to be on vacation, find a word, an interesting word, and just think about it. Let your mind wander and doodle about, as Brenda Ueland used to say. Then suddenly you’ll find your writer brain wandering down rabbit trails which usually end up with fingers typing. :-)