Monday, August 10, 2015

Thoughts On Resting

Feeling just a bit overwhelmed these days. I envy those amazing extroverts who never seem to tire of going. I watch them in wonder from my quiet corner where I've gone to regroup.

Also dealing with my own - oh I'm not sure what to call it without sounding like I'm looking for sympathy- I guess the word is disappointment. I'll share more about that some other time. Right now I'll share someone else's words with you.

My idea of regrouping always includes a cup of tea, my comfy corner of the couch, and a favorite author. This evening it was Alexander McCall Smith and the always wise musings of Mma Ramotswe. Enjoy:

"Mma. Ramotswe decided to sit down, She was not particularly tired - it was simply one of those occasions when she felt like sitting down. There was no reason why one should always be on the move. That was half the trouble, with the world, she thought: not enough people took the time to sit down for a few minutes and look up at the sky or at whatever it was that was before you - a herd of cattle, perhaps, or a stretch of bush dotted with acacia trees, or the sinking of the evening sun into the Kalahari. You did not have to sit for long; even a few minutes was enough to remind you that if you spent your life rushing about, then the years would slip through your fingers without your really noticing it until suddenly they were gone and you were old and before long it would be that moment that comes to everybody - the time to leave Botswana for ever."

The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon - Alexander McCall Smith