Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Riches of His Love

Imagine with me a little village, tucked away in a beautiful valley. Set high on a hill overlooking the village sits a mansion, surrounded by stately trees and perfectly manicured lawns - the home of a king and his daughters.

The village itself consists of a few dozen neatly thatched cottages and a few tidy shops. The only blemish in this picturesque scene is a decaying hovel on the outskirts of the village. Most of the villagers avert their eyes when passing by.

On this particular day a young woman is seen making her way to the door of this neglected home. It is clear from her attire she is no common citizen. She is, in fact, the eldest daughter of the king. In answer to her knock, the dilapidated door creaks open - and she steps inside.

"What brings you here, Rose? I thought I made it clear the last time. I cannot come."

The rest of this little story is at Laced With Grace today. Please join me there.