Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's Chat

I woke up this morning thinking I had at last reached a decision about writing and blogging and publishing books (well - my book - the one collecting dust on the bottom shelf of the little tray on my desk). But more about that later.

I haven't written a proper blog post since March 16th. So instead of trying to mine all the reasons, let's just chat. I'm weary of all the navel-gazing.

Spring has fully come to us, bringing with it wild flowers and sudden thunderstorms. The oleander in my flower garden is glorious, and my forsythia, my little northern transplant, is finally feeling at home in Southern Texas. I thought a plumbago would be perfect for the bare spot in my flower garden, but the deer thought it was desert. Is there anything they won't eat?

I hung my planter with the fake flowers (because …. winds and hot, hot sun) and the bird nest from last spring on the front porch. I watched expectantly, and sure enough the cardinals returned. They must have been delighted to discover the hard work of nest-building wouldn't be necessary.

However, there was a new twist this year. Shortly before Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal arrived, a couple of little wrens set up housekeeping in the bottom of the flower pot - an interesting development. I never could decide if the wrens actually got to live there, but one afternoon, when there were eggs nestled deep in the cardinal nest, one of the wrens perched on the edge of the pot quite interested in the doings of the upstairs neighbors. Mama swooped in and made the wren feel decided unwelcome. So much for dwelling in harmony.

We seem to be in that season of life when doctor appointments fill in more than their fair share of calendar squares. Add to that my aging parents, and we've spent an inordinate amount of time in waiting rooms. I've gotten a lot of reading done!

I had bunion/hammer toe surgery March 31st. It went well, but I must find out what anesthesia they used. To say it made me nauseous would be a huge understatement. Once over that hurdle, it wasn't bad at all. Only one more week in my rather bulky boot.

Before my surgery, I worked outdoors like a crazy person pulling weeds and trimming trees. We put in a rock border all around the perimeter of the house when we first moved in. It looks nice, but they lied to us when they said the black plastic they put down would keep the weeds out. Honestly, the grass grows better in those rocks than it does in the so-called lawn. I got most of it done and figured I'd finish it up when my foot healed. However, the above mentioned thunder storms have done their work (not complaining - after years of drought we definitely do not complain about rain). I try not to look out the windows at those rock borders.

In the evenings, I've been knitting a sweet baby blanket. Our eighth grand-baby is due the first week in July. We are all beside ourselves with excitement. It's been twelve years since we had a wee one in the family. To add to the excitement, our daughter and son-in-law have decided not to find out the baby's sex. The baby blanket is white.

We try to visit my Mom and Dad as often as we can. We've gotten to the point where we aren't able to get my Dad into the car - so that limits what we're able to do. Fortunately, their Assisted Living home is a busy place. Lots for them to do - when they're willing. It's a challenging time.

The days flow into one another - with startling speed. Often, I come to the end of the week and wonder how in the world I got there so fast. And so I come to the business of writing - trying to see where it fits into my life these days. I think the book has become a bit of a watershed moment.

This morning, I thought I had finally decided to close this little place down. The longer I go without writing, the easier it becomes. And yet … all day I thought about this post. Catching up with friends I've come to love and perhaps with those I'll never know. I'm not sure why the struggle. Anyone who has read my blog knows I periodically come to this place. This time feels a bit different. Perhaps a bit more time pondering and praying.

In any case, I hope you're all well and enjoying this lovely time of year.

With love,