Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Steadfast Love

They have come every spring for the past three years - a sweet pair of Cardinals. The first year I watched as they painstakingly built a sturdy nest in my hanging planter. As a little aside, the flowers in my planter aren't real. After several failed attempts to get flowers to thrive on our sunny, windy front porch, I gave up and bought some at our local craft store. It doesn't seem to bother this couple. They return year after year to set up housekeeping among the fake blooms.

Last winter, when I took down the planter, I decided to leave the nest intact. I thought I would spare them the work of having to build another new nest. I began watching for them in early spring. They arrived right on time and seemed happy to set up housekeeping in the old nest.

The planter is right outside my kitchen window. I spend a lot of time there, washing dishes and preparing meals. The activities of the mama cardinal make for fascinating entertainment. She is a picture of steadfast love.

Once she has laid her eggs, she nestles in and rarely leaves the nest. When she does, it's only for a very short time. Occasionally, papa cardinal comes to check on things, but for the most part she keeps a lonely vigil. I often wonder if she sees me watching her behind the glass. If so, she just pretends I'm not there. Perhaps she's learned to trust me.

I'm over at Laced With Grace today. So is the rest of this little devotional. Would love to have you join me there.