Saturday, May 21, 2016

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

"In order for our dreams to see the light of success, we must learn to take control of our fears. We need to turn those fears over to God and focus on what's really important: seeing the dreams He's given us come true. See, dreams remain only wisps of enjoyable but useless imagination if we don't give them an anchor to hold to. If we don't make them determined goals. Faith in God is that anchor; it's what enables that dream to come down off the shelf and sit right down in front of us. Since God is the One who gives us our dreams, they are ultimately His for us to hold, but we must be willing to approach them with the mind-set that so many successful people have had over the years. We must be ready to attempt something so great for God that unless He intervenes, we are bound to fail."

Debbie Macomber ("Knit Together") (emphasis mine)

May all your dreams come true,