Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Catching Up A Bit

This picture was not taken this year. There are no colorful autumn colors around here - at all. Texas seems to be enamored of ninety degree temperatures and has therefore clung tenaciously to summer. Absolutely oblivious of calendar dates, Texas remains HOT!

We did have one cool day a couple of weeks ago, and like the optimist I am, I began shuffling summer clothes and winter clothes from one closet to another. All in vain - sandals and capris remain the standard uniform of the day.

However, I am ever hopeful and have begun to furtively put a few fall decorations up. I don't want Texas to notice, or she (he?) might perversely stay hot forever.

Things have been quiet in our little neck of the woods. We're still busy pulling weeds and mowing the five acres (see above). All of the growing things are still happily growing. They simply won't go to sleep until it gets cool. My list of "things to do when the weather is cooler" is growing by the day.

We are anticipating fun times, though. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas isn't far behind. We're staying home for Thanksgiving this year, and our granddaughter and her husband are coming for a visit. We are so happy! We plan to cook together and do all sorts of fun things.

Christmas will bring wonderful gifts from across the ocean. Our daughter and son-in-law will be coming with our new little grandson. We can hardly wait to get that baby in our arms. We Skype every Sunday and are hopeful he will recognize those faces he stares at so intently on the screen. At the very least, he may recognize our voices. We have all kinds of plans for making this a memorable Christmas.

It's impossible to ignore all of the words flying around social media these days. There are times it becomes overwhelming and so disheartening. I haven't weighed in. I don't plan to. I search for truth and pray for truth to have it's way. I trust that the Father is in control:

     "He controls the course of world events; He removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives 
      wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars." Daniel 2:21

     "He it is who reduces rulers to nothing, Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.  
      Scarcely have they been planted, scarcely have they been sown, scarcely has their stock taken
      root in the earth, but He merely blows on them and they wither, and the storm carries them 
      away like stubble."  Isaiah 40:23, 24

I do have a secret I'm holding close to my heart for a little while. I'm working on something I hope to share with you in just a few weeks. My heart beats a bit faster when I think about it.

That's all the news from my little corner of the world. What's happening in your little corner?