Friday, October 21, 2016


It rained yesterday - a brief shower to settle the dust. Then came the wind - breaking the heat and   blowing the dark clouds across the skies. We woke to a cloudless day and crisp fresh air. 

Then another change - an unexpected day alone. I mentally ran down the list of "shoulds," but a gentle whisper spoke of rest. An almost irresistible invitation except for the guilt that always seems to follow thoughts of throwing out the to-do list. Would it be okay not to visit Mom and Dad? Yes - it will be alright. Well, I really need to get out there and pull some weeds and sweep out the garage and wash down the patio.....It will keep for another day. 

Attempting to banish the guilt, I got ready to go for a walk - key, phone, ear buds. Leave the ear buds home today. I know it's nice to walk with some music or an uplifting podcast, but for today just come and walk with Me. 

I stepped out into the beautiful morning - the one I'd been longing for (and whose late arrival I'd been complaining about for days and days - please forgive me Lord). 

 A clear blue sky, sunshine, and a brisk breeze; the industrious hum of the neighbor's mower and the smell of freshly cut grass. Butterflies - orange, yellow, lustrous black - zig-zagging and looping along my way - keeping me company for just a little while.

The long field grass dancing to the rhythm of the wind.

The waning moon looking almost translucent against the backdrop of brilliant blue.

Seeing home with fresh eyes - eyes of gratitude and wonder at the magnitude of His blessing.

The crape myrtle tree in front of the house bearing signs of fall and holding tight to one last bloom.

And surrounding it all - the quiet. The quiet I say I long for and, ironically, so seldom choose. The quiet that brings into sharp focus the beauty all around me and the gentle touch of One whose heart is for me - always for me.

Blessings dear friends. Wishing you the gift of quiet in the midst of this noisy world.