Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Small Things

Small things appeal to something in the heart - their very smallness drawing us in. Newborn babies, tiny puppies, sweet little kittens, all touch that tender spot. However, when it comes to living life we tend to gravitate to the big things. In an age where anyone can produce their own"Fifteen Minutes of Fame," we all seem to be longing for attention and approval, and what better way to garner it than with something big.

Over two thousand years ago, Jesus stood in the Temple with His disciples watching as the people came to drop their gifts into the collection box. One by one the rich folks came by and put in their gifts, but it was one small, insignificant widow who caught His eye. Without fanfare she dropped two small coins into the box - such a small offering compared to the others. Yet Jesus turned to His disciples and said, "...this poor woman has given more than all the rest of them, for they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has." Luke 2:3,4

We can easily feel insignifcant when we compare ourselves to the people around us who are doing grand and glorious things for the Lord. We want desperately to do something "big" for Him. But while some are called to do "big things," most of us are called to live quiet, ordinary lives. We may feel we aren't worthy or as though we have somehow failed because we haven't done anything noteworthy in the eyes of the world and, more importantly, the eyes of God. We watch as they receive the attention and approval we long for and vow to try harder - to somehow find that thing that will matter...

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