Thursday, January 25, 2018

Rewiring My Brain

"We're going to rewire your brain." I smiled at my physical therapist - hoping to hide my skepticism. All the hard work of the past few weeks seemed lost. The pain in my upper back continued to worsen, and I feared we wouldn't be able to continue my exercise plan.

Apparently the scoliosis surgery I had twenty years before had somehow short-circuited the wiring between my brain and the nerves in my back. Now that we were working that area the weakness had surfaced.

One of the exercises she gave me seemed almost too silly to try. For one minute I thumbed through a magazine circling the right side of all the backs I could find pictured in the pages. Rest for a minute, and then circle the left side of all the backs I could find in the next minute.

I am nothing if not obedient - so I did exactly as told. Unbelievably after completing the exercise the pain in my back had lessened. The expression on the therapist's face was a mixture of delight and surprise. The connection between my brain and the nerves in my upper back had responded. I continued to circle backs for several days, marveling at God's intricate design...

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