Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Light In the Darkness

The sun slipped away with a whisper this evening. No blaze of color or gentle hues. Instead the darkness gathered in the clouds and settled over the quiet earth.
When I was a little girl, I dreaded the night. The darkness held all the things I feared - chief among them separation from my mom and dad. My little bedroom, down the long hallway from the living room, became an unfamiliar place when the sun went down.
My wise mom put a night light in my room. We named it Friend. Its tiny beam dispersed the darkness and comforted my child heart.
I’m not afraid of the dark any more, but I still find my heart longing for the light. All hearts, I think, long for the Light.
The dark clouds blotted out the sunset tonight but the light was there nonetheless. Always and forever there. The darkness can not overcome it.

In these days when the darkness seems to obscure so much, we need to remember the Light hasn’t gone away. Jesus is with us. Jesus is in us. We carry the Light to a world dreading the dark.