Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hope In the Darkness


Once again the green has turned to red, bringing beauty to another Christmas. With my lack of gardening skills, it feels like nothing less than a miracle. For two years in a row this seemingly fragile plant has bloomed in celebration of Jesus’ birth. 

All through the spring and summer it was touch and go. When her leaves turned brown on the edges, I thought the culprit was too much sunlight and moved her to another room. When so many leaves turned yellow and began dropping off, I thought I wasn’t watering enough or that I had over-watered. I didn’t think we would have her with us this Christmas, but I never gave up hope. 

The earth slowly changed position and darkness began to come earlier. I left her alone in the unlit guest room - waiting. Slowly they began to appear - tiny red leaves that would soon grow into beautiful blooms. 

In spite of, or perhaps because of, the months of suffering and long nights hidden away in the darkness, she bloomed - a lovely picture of the good God promises to birth out of our struggles and sorrows. We wait, not without hope but with confident expectation in the One who loves us. The One who came and gave His very life for us.