Thursday, June 29, 2023

Small Wonders

I believe in miracles. In fact, I have a front row seat to one taking place right outside our living room window. I watch as two tiny wrens fly back and forth at lightning speed industriously building a nest for their future family. Tirelessly they bring the appropriate materials necessary for a safe and cozy home for their hoped for little ones. At times I've seen them valiantly trying to fit twigs bigger than themselves into the planter. 

One cannot help but wonder how they knew not only which materials would work best but exactly how to form them into a snug wren home. In truth, the wonder comes in the knowing exactly how. 

Imagine the  care and love that goes into this seemingly inconsequential detail of creation. Nothing overlooked, nothing done without careful consideration for the specific needs of baby wrens. If God cares so deeply for them how much more for each of us.  

In a time when just looking around at our current circumstances can fill us with worry and fear, we would be wise to focus on the small wonders that surround us - evidence of a good God who will never leave us or forsake us. Peace comes in knowing He has it all under control.