Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Baby Under the Oak Tree

When we looked out our kitchen window yesterday morning, we saw a little fawn all curled up sleeping on our front lawn. There was no sign of Mama anywhere. We knew from past experience that you aren't supposed to touch them, so we watched to see what would happen.

He picked his little head up and looked around for a while. Then he got up on wobbly little legs and did a bit of exploring. He nibbled on the grass, so we were relieved to think he would be able to get something to eat. After a long walk for such a little one, he came back and laid down in the same spot. Still no Mama.

We had a dental appointment in town and had to leave, so I called the Wildlife Refuge to see what we should do. We didn't like the idea of just going off and leaving the little one alone. The kind lady congratulated us first of all for not touching him. She said the Mama would surely be back. Apparently they make the same rounds every twenty-four hours. They leave the babies to go off to eat and later return. I felt a bit skeptical, but we followed her advice and left the fawn alone.

We were gone for several hours, and when we returned the fawn was gone. My husband walked every inch of our two acres just to be sure. I took back what I had been thinking about the neglectful ways of Mama Deer and said a little prayer of thanks.

This morning, there he was here again - sleeping peacefully under the shadow of our huge old oak tree. The above picture is from this morning. I will trust that Mama is somewhere nearby and will return for her little one. Perhaps she has been observing us and has decided we are trustworthy.

It touches my heart is such a profound way, this little one sleeping peacefully and trusting that all will be well. It reminds me of the Father's watchful care of each one of His little creatures and certainly of me. Thank You Father.

P.S. Thank you for all your kind advice about laptops. I'll let you know what I get whenever I can finally decide....sigh