Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day Eight - Celebrating

On August 13th we celebrated, with great joy, my Mom's 86th birthday. She is the heart of our family. Her warmth, wisdom, hospitality, and unconditional love draw everyone to her. She is the one who never fails to make the call or send the note. She is the one whose hands are never idle - always creating beautiful things to share with others. Her home is filled with the things she and my Dad have lovingly collected or made, and the door is always open to welcome family and friends.

She continues to serve - volunteering once a month at their local Food Bank, sewing one hundred Christmas stockings for needy children, visiting and calling those who are sick and lovingly caring for my Dad.

I love spending time with her. She brings such joy into all of our lives.

My daughter and I took her out for lunch and a movie on her birthday. It was, as Mom said, a lovely day.



  1. What a beautiful mother you have - and what a blessing that she is so healthy to be able to do so many good things!

  2. A very belated but Happy Birthday to your dear Mom. You are both so blessed that she's still with you and relatively healthy for her age.

    Have a great and blessed week, dear Linda. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  3. I'm over from Jess blog. Your mom sounds like a grand lady and also to wish her a happy birthday.

    Coffee is on.

  4. Happy Birthday to your mom! What a beautiful person, inside and out... alas the secret to her longevity! It's so wonderful to read "Good News---Joyful News" here ...
    Your daughter is also very beautiful!
    ... very good genes in the family ;o)
    and such lovely smiles around the table~
    Smiling back,

  5. Happy birthday to your mom! She is beautiful! You are all beautiful! What a nice 3 generational girls day out you had! :)
    Thanks for sharing it,