Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day 37 - Big Families

I love big families. I didn't have a big family myself, but I have always thought it would be nice to be part of one. The only disadvantage might be that you would have to share your parents' time with so many others.

It has occurred to me, clever girl that I am, that I am part of a big family. I have more brothers and sisters than anyone could ever count. They come in every size, color, age and nationality you can imagine. We speak many different languages. The great majority of them I have never seen or spoken to, but they are all part of my family. We have one thing in common that joins us at the heart. We are all saved by grace.

The wonderful thing about my family is that, in spite of its size, I never have to vie for the attention of our Father. The moment I open my mouth to speak, He bends down to listen to me. There could be a million of us speaking at the same time, but He hears me as though I were the only one.

He is never more than a whisper away. There is no place that I go that He is not with me - and with all of His other children as well. Miraculous. He has never broken a promise - not one time.

He loves me with such abandon I can scarcely take it in. Amazingly there is enough of that very same love to go around to each one of us. He forgives me when I stumble and covers me with grace.

There have been times when He has had to discipline me, but it is always for my good. I have been rebellious, proud and selfish so much of the time, but He has waited patiently for me to repent and run back to Him. No matter how many of us are running to Him at the same moment - His arms are wide enough to hold us all.

There is always room on His lap for one more child to climb up and rest his or her head against His chest and hear the beating of that enormous heart of love. Or perhaps to sit at His feet and feel the tender touch of His hand as He gently caresses each head.

He sings over me and delights in my company. He has a perfect plan for my life, but never imposes His will. He has made plans for my future that my mind cannot contain. He is the perfect parent. He is my Father; He is your Father.

What joy!