Sunday, July 18, 2010

Serving In the "Small" Places

"The only thing you can really control is the present - the actual moment that is passing by. Sanctify that from hour to hour, and you sanctify your whole life; but brood over the past, or project yourself into the future, and you will lose all. The little act of obedience, love, self-restraint, meekness, patience, devotion, offered to you actually is all you can do now, and if you neglect that to fret about something else at a distance, you lose your real opportunity of serving God."

H.L. Sidney Lear (1824-1896)

While I dream dreams of doing something grand for the Lord, what countless little opportunities to serve do I miss?



  1. I have been thinking along the same lines, Linda. It is all about mindfulness, it seems. Opening our eyes in the moment. We can learn.

  2. thanks for posting these thoughtful words...
    and good sunday to you.

  3. I know, we will think those
    thoughts. But as I've said
    before, you are doing a
    wonderful thing for the Lord
    in that you are an encourager.
    Your words here in this little
    space on the web are always
    warm and welcome and bring joy
    to my heart and many, many
    others I'm sure.

  4. Oh, very convicting and thought provoking for sure.

  5. thank you again and again Linda. Yes I miss those small blessings.....


  6. Very wise and thoughtful words.
    Hugs and richest blessings,

  7. So... brooding over my current circumstances as I wish for something grander isn't a good thing?? wink. wink. grin.

    Oh, Linda-- you got me once again. Right between the eyes... right where it hurts, right where He wants to reach. Thank you, dear friend... I think (no, I KNOW) I needed this one this morning!

    Blessings to you for a delightful week ahead :)