Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Yarning Along

From the very beginning of my blogging adventure I have loved reading Elizabeth's posts. Her gentle spirit, tender heart and unbounded love for the Lord draw me to her. I was delighted when she took her first tentative steps into knitting. She has persevered through the initial difficulties that every new knitter struggles with - those inadvertent mistakes, dropped stitches and confusing directions - just to name a few.

Now she has introduced me to "Yarn Along." Ginny has provided a place for knitters and crocheters to share the projects they are working on. Whether or not you enjoy handwork, you will enjoy seeing the beautiful work these women are doing. Such creativity!

Here is my humble contribution - a little afghan that is almost finished. My sister-in-law gave me the beautiful variegated y yarn, and I added the navy blue. It will be a bit smaller than the pattern suggests because I simply don't have quite enough yarn. I think it will be just big enough to cover up one's legs on a cold winter's night.

Please visit Ginny's lovely blog and get inspired!



  1. Looks just right for a chilly night ....

  2. Hi Linda! I might have found you through Esther's blog? Or maybe Emily's? Oh, I don't know.

    I've never learned to sew, much to the detriment of my mother. But your quilts and afghans make my heart swoon.

  3. Just popping in to say "Hi" as part of Yarn Along. This will make a lovely blanket.

  4. I am one of those knitters who is never
    satisfied with her work and ends up starting
    over and then just putting it away. One
    day perhaps I will finally become a good
    knitter. Your work is lovely and now I
    will do some visiting as you suggested.

  5. Elizabeth lead me to Ginny's blog also. Since she doesn't have comments I wonder if she knows just how many lives she has blessed!
    I married my high school sweet heart almost 29 years ago.
    I think your blanket is perfect for a lap blanket.

  6. I still have my mother's afghan's--beautifully striped. I always have wanted to learn how.
    I like the colors you chose. I think variegated sweaters and such are so pretty because of the variation. The navy 'grounds' it and entwines into a lovely combination that will soothe your spirit and warm your legs and feet. Wonderful.

  7. Beautiful work! When I was growing up we had this size blankets lying around to keep the evening chill off your shoulders-- so sweet!

  8. I like the size..and the colour.

    and I love the bedspread ?

  9. Hi! So nice to meet you through the Yarn Along.
    Your small afghan will be perfect for chilly evenings. I keep that size on hand for shoulders or feet. (Our old house is quite drafty.)
    Thank you for your many inspiring posts.

  10. Very pretty; I don't knit but admire those of you who do.

  11. ooo...i love the colors in this....very nice...i can knot (pun intedend) sew to save my life....

  12. Sooo nice, Lnda. I always wished I could do it, but alas, not meant to be. I do appreciate you folks who can.