Friday, June 10, 2011


I am taking part in Five-Minute Friday today. Lisa-Jo has thrown out the topic, and I'm ready to go:


I spend far to much time doing it, this looking back over my shoulder. There are some nights sleep eludes as I wander back to the years I somehow wish the Lord would grant me a "do-over" on. They are all grown and doing well. We are, in face, in awe of the amazing people they have become. It is quite humbling, for I know it was very little of my own doing and almost all His grace.

I think back to wasted moments, when I was too consumed with self to do the things that I would gladly do now. Why wasn't I wise enough to cherish the moments?

I have found, though, that it is difficult to move forward well when you are looking backwards. I have learned to do things a bit differently - am still learning in fact. When faced with choice of self or time spent with others I am making better decisions. Instead of longing for time to move quickly so I can get to the next thing (that looks so much more appealing from where I stand), I am learning to live in the moment.




  1. Yes, as we get older we can make better choices. The Lord desires us to do our best today--he offers his grace for the mistakes in the past.


  2. I love the expression "do overs"; there are many of those moments in my life, and I also spend too much time on self instead of others.

    Wonderful words...

  3. living in the now is a skill dont beat yourself up when you dont and keep moving forward...i figure there is nothing i can do about past mistakes other than give them more power and waste with my thoughts...sorry if that sounds a bit hard, its not meant to...

  4. Ah yes, the do overs--the if onlys. You packed a lot into 5 minutes, Linda. I try to keep looking forward instead of backwards too.

  5. A fabulously shared reminder to stop for those moments, appreciating all that is available to us. How precious wasted time becomes!

  6. Hi Linda!
    Good Saturday Morning to you!
    This is a great "get-together" among bloggers... I like this idea!
    Your 5 minute post really hits home. This time of year for me is filled with lots of "to-do's" and it can feel overwhelming. But if I approach them "one at a time" and enter in with making each moment count... they will each be much richer blessings!

    I also visited you other posts. Your poem is so beautiful, Linda! It's really a prayer. Would you mind if I share this with family?

    It's funny that you just posted about creating a journal of beautiful photographs. I was just thinking that I need to get one started with the pretty pictures I'm tearing out of the magazines in my classroom ... I'm getting rid of many PILES of magazines I've kept for the students' collages. {keeping just what I need} I'm going through a few at a time over my lunch, tearing out my favorite recipes and photos.
    It's amazing how few things worth keeping there are in some magazines and how many ads there are!

  7. There's a lot of good thought for 5 minutes!

  8. sometimes I think my vulnerable broken self allows my children to be the same?

    no regrets, always forward, okay?