Friday, June 10, 2011


I am taking part in Five-Minute Friday today. Lisa-Jo has thrown out the topic, and I'm ready to go:


I spend far to much time doing it, this looking back over my shoulder. There are some nights sleep eludes as I wander back to the years I somehow wish the Lord would grant me a "do-over" on. They are all grown and doing well. We are, in face, in awe of the amazing people they have become. It is quite humbling, for I know it was very little of my own doing and almost all His grace.

I think back to wasted moments, when I was too consumed with self to do the things that I would gladly do now. Why wasn't I wise enough to cherish the moments?

I have found, though, that it is difficult to move forward well when you are looking backwards. I have learned to do things a bit differently - am still learning in fact. When faced with choice of self or time spent with others I am making better decisions. Instead of longing for time to move quickly so I can get to the next thing (that looks so much more appealing from where I stand), I am learning to live in the moment.