Friday, September 2, 2011

Dreaming Dreams

I sit, homemade planner on my lap, the white Holiday Inn pen with the blue top in my hand, and the thought comes unbidden - "I love to write!" Just the physical act of putting words on paper brings a sense of satisfaction. When those words take the form of ideas and stories that encourage and entertain, it is sheer joy.

I long to do it well, to learn to be a skilled craftsman. There is nothing I like more than listening to writers talk about writing, to learn from those who do it with excellence. A close second would have to be just plain talking about writing with those who love the written word - iron sharpening iron.*

I have dreamed dreams about writing but often felt I've let too much time go by, that I am too old now to make the dream come true. I'd like to have the time and the opportunity to explore the possibilities.

The staff at High Calling is providing a place to do just that, at Laity Lodge. Set in the Texas hill country, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, it is the perfect place to come away for a short time and concentrate on writing. You can read all about the Writers Retreat here at their website. If you are a member of the High Calling Community and would like a chance to attend the conference for free, you can get all the information here.


*Proverbs 27:17


  1. Go for it Linda! You're very good at putting things on paper, and you're definitely not too old! Are you going to the retreat?

  2. I keep telling you - you have the gift! As Paul told Timothy, "Fan the flame" of your gift! Grandma Moses started painting in her 80s or something like that. You have such a good start!! I expect to see you in print yet, dear friend.

  3. I keep meaning to check that site out--must follow through.
    You do have a gift for writing and it is never too late to let it shine. There's a depth in you that couldn't have been there before which makes your writings richer. Keep writing, dear Linda.

  4. What an excellent opportunity this will be for some fortunate person. Just the gathering of all of you together will be gift.

  5. i hope that you get the opportunity to chase that dream...smiles. it is a dream of mine to write as well...

  6. You are not too old to be a writer, Linda! You are doing it, right here, right now!

    And if you have the opportunity to come to Laity, I simply cannot wait to steal you away ... all to myself. (Is that selfish?)


  7. Linda, you have a stack of excellent teachers represented in those books. I have read many of them over the years. Often, after finishing one of them, I felt inspired and empowered to keep writing, to keep practicing, to, Lord willing, keep improving.

    Charity is seeking to develop her craft--she invited people to join her on a "master training" project of sorts.

    Perhaps you could join her?