Monday, September 5, 2011

A Moment's Pause

These days my brain is filled with visions of cardboard boxes, paper, tape and magic markers. It is befuddled with puzzling over what goes into each box and then which pile the filled box should join - the one going to storage, the one going to the shop or the one going to the apartment. The images fill my dreams leaving me very little space for anything creative.

When I need a little break, a few moments  for breathing deeply, I just look out the window.  Want to see?

Haven't the babies grown? They are nearly as big as Mama. I am so delighted that she has managed to take such good care of them under very difficult circumstances. This drought is devastating, but they are thriving.

Time for a little community bath.

Mrs. Roadrunner usually has the bath to herself.

This little guy is endlessly entertaining. He is an acrobat par excellence and, to my mind, as cute as can be.

This Dandy announces his intention to take a drink long before he actual flies in. When I hear loud squawking, I know he is about to make his grand entrance. 

But alas, there isn't much time for wool-gathering. Do you think I have too many books? (Yes the boxes are filled with books too, and I really did sort through and give away a whole bunch of them.) Surely not. I am preparing my defense for moving day, when the guys all make fun of how many boxes of books there are.

We are counting down the days. My big worry (I really am a terrible worry wart) is that I won't be able to get set up quickly with a new internet provider (mine doesn't service the area where our apartment is located), and I will vanish from blogland forever! :-)