Monday, December 12, 2011

On, In and Around Mondays: Jesus

The choir sang the powerful message of Christmas; the children joined them, sweet voices, proclaiming the birth of the King of kings; the dancers moved to the music with beauty and grace. Resounding applause filled the huge auditorium.

A hush fell as the lights were dimmed - a single beam, center stage. Josh Lopez quietly began to sing the names of Jesus. Savior, Light of the World, Redeeming Friend, Counselor, Prince of Peace... The choir sang softly in the background and the volume began to increase until one name, repeated over and over, echoed across the vast expanse:
"Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus..."

One by one people rose to their feet - arms lifted high to the One whose name is above all names. "Jesus. Jesus..." - hundreds of people standing before the One, the only One, who is worthy of all our praise.

And Christmas came.

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Ours was glorious as well, on a MUCH smaller scale. It was a wonderful week-end all around. Now back to Monday, and all that entails, and the surprises it brings (like an extra girlie here who didn't feel good this morning and is messing up all my plans for the day - hope she feels better soon!)

    I'm thinking maybe I should join some of these prompts you write with - maybe give me some ideas!

    Have a blessed week, my friend!

  2. How I love a choir. :) Our church is small, so we get a small one at Christmas (which I still love in any case :)

  3. Sound filled the air
    breathing worship

  4. Your words bring the atmosphere of worship here.

  5. Linda, is that your choir?? Oh, my goodness, what a beautiful composition! Friend, you bring Him so much glory.

  6. Oh how I miss singing in a choir!! Beautiful!

  7. So beautiful...thanks for sharing...44 years with your high school sweetheart...Congrats! How wonderful!