Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making Memories

I look at her eighty-nine year old face and see the same smile - the one in the black and white wedding portrait - her gown a silky cloud around her feet. Some things are ageless.....

I knock loudly, knowing she will not hear, and call out to her as I walk toward the living room. My arms are full of my sewing project - a couple of pillows to set off the new quilt. Although this is not the house of my childhood, it is still like coming home. For a few hours, I'm not the responsible adult - I am a loved child. There is such comfort in being "kiddo."

She is seated on the couch, her books and handwork spread out around her. I lean in to kiss her soft cheek. She is eager to get busy on my pillows so we slowly make our way to her sewing room. I walk behind her and my heart hurts a little at the sight of the bent back, the slow gait. She often bemoans her inability to do the things she used to do. I am just thankful she is here.

We work together - mother and daughter, teacher and pupil. She has taught me so much - so many intangibles. Conversation has always flowed so easily, punctuated with laughter - and sometimes tears.

She sits while I look through a box of lace she has collected over the years. It is difficult for her to stand for any length of time.

Footsteps sound in the living room. Dad is home from dialysis. He peeks around the door, "I knew I'd find you here." She smiles the beautiful smile as he comes toward her to give her a kiss.

And my heart stores the memories and I am thankful for this day.



  1. Linda, this touched me deeply. I lost my mother at the age of 73; she never had the chance to be old and bent. I treasure the memories I have of quilting with her, shopping with her, talking on the phone around 8:00 each morning. Cling to each moment with your mother.

  2. Sweet...sweet...I just had lunch with my mom as we celebrated her 88th birthday today...my mom still so very active...she cooks for her large family...and still plays golf...my father has slowed down more...but still going strong too...we are so blessed to still be sharing life with our parents as they age...I am thankful for my day too...blessings to you~

  3. Wonderful, Linda. I miss my mother still.

  4. Such a beautiful day!! "There is such comfort in being kiddo". That is so, so true... no matter how old we are! :)

  5. My sweet mother was eighty-nine when she went home to be with the Lord. I can honestly say we always had so much fun together no matter what we were doing. She was always my best girlfriend and her favorite name for me was "darling love." How blessed I also was to have my mom for so long. Treasure every precious moment. I know you will.