Friday, November 9, 2012

Quiet In the Midst of the Storm

It is time for Five Minute Friday - already!  Lisa-Jo's word for today is QUIET.


I've seen the force of the ocean, felt the force of the wind as it pelts my face with salt water. And I try to imagine Him asleep in the midst of it.

It is the sort of quiet I long for. I am knit together with a pattern that includes a need for solitude. I don't often find it. It is this peace in the midst of the storm I need. A quiet heart when the dark clouds lower, covering the sun.

It is easier to find peace curled up at His feet, head resting against His knee. It is difficult for me to find it in the midst of circumstances that push hard against me. I tend to look at the waves towering over me and fail to see His face. I cower as the wind buffets, forgetting to run to His open arms.

Quiet - in the midst of the noise and chaos. It is what He offers and what I long for.


Five Minute Friday

P.S. Our daughter flies in tonight from Paris. She will be with us for two weeks, so it will be a bit quiet around here. However, she is a free-lance writer - so we may just sit and write together! In any case, I wish you quiet and peace in the midst of your circumstances dear friends.