Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Router and the Holy Spirit

This is my router. It is my link to all things "internetty."  We had a talk this morning, wherein I chastised it for its fickle nature and irresponsible attitude. Some days it lives up to its full potential. I can sit in any room of the house - even wander out to the porch or patio - and get excellent service. On other days, if I wander just several feet away from its home base, it provides absolutely no internet service whatsoever. I reminded it of the utter inconvenience of settling myself nicely on the comfy sofa in the living room (only two rooms away mind you) only to find I can't look at a single blog, send one comment or check on my FB friends.

It sat quietly in its spot while I showered it with criticism - the little green light staring back at me. When I had finished and was turning to leave, I heard it say (honestly), "I'm using all the power I have at my disposal. It just isn't enough to get the job done sometimes. What about you? You have infinite power that you very often don't take advantage of. What about that....huh?"

There it sat, green light staring right at my heart, and I knew I had been bested. If I want more power in a router, I will simply have to go out and buy a more powerful one. This little guy is doing the best it can.

Whereas, I have been given the gift of all the power I could ever possibly need. It was given to me the day I invited Jesus into my heart:

"And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever."
 John 14:16

This Helper, this Holy Spirit, fills me with everything I need to live this one life I have been given. Far too often I try to go it alone, trying to manage things in my own strength. I heard someone say once that we have been given all we need of the Holy Spirit, but too often we don't give Him all of us. He yearns to fill us full to overflowing, and I settle for a thimble-full and wonder why there is  no victory in my life.

In these days, my heart yearns for truth and the courage to stand strong in the face of things I never thought would come. I need my heart filled daily, hourly, moment by moment. All I need to do is yield.

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