Saturday, March 16, 2013

"One Day"

Listening to this hymn this morning, I was transported back to a little church nestled in the heart of a tiny upstate NY farming community. Farmers, truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, factory workers, teachers, homemakers - we sat in wooden pews with threadbare cushions and were fed by a wise and gentle shepherd. We stood and sang our hearts out to the accompaniment of piano and organ - the old hymns filling the small sanctuary. The memory brings tears of gratitude.

Joining Sandy today to still my heart and soak in the words of a story that never grows old:



  1. I love this song! Every now and then an old hymn will come to mind while I'm working and I just have to sing!

  2. I need to pull out my hymnal.....

  3. We too attended a little country church for a few years. Forty plus years later, when something happens to the technology at our church and the verses don't pop up as they should, they come back to me. Who knew they were still tucked there, deep in my brain and heart? I bet many of the elderly in our church miss the feel of a hymnal in their hands.

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  5. I knew this chorus, but didn't know the verses. How neat!! And so much enjoy those hymns. Also enjoy much of our present-day music and music in the '70s that was mostly based on memorizing Scripture. A nice big mix or sharing the way to reach into the lives of people, from generation to generation. His Word, His Truth, is most important.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I had to sing along! ' He carried my sins far away, Amen.