Wednesday, February 5, 2014

If I Could Give

The time has come for giving gifts from the heart. We think of those we love and imagine the perfect gift. The one that will bring joy and say, without words, how very dear they are to us. We long to wrap love with pretty ribbons.

If I could give such a gift it would be:

• love that never fails

• peace in the midst of the storms that would overwhelm you

• hope when everything looks darkest

• joy birthed in sorrow

• healing for the sickness that knows no cure

• mending for broken hearts

• mercy undeserved

• forgiveness - no matter what

• freedom from the failures of the past

• a slate wiped clean of guilt and shame

• grace and strength for all of your moments

• faith to vanquish all your fears

• the breaking of chains that bind you

• rest from the battle

• songs to lift your spirit

• marriages made whole and families restored

• help in time of trouble

• words that are living and true

• promised never broken

• eternity settled

In and of myself I cannot give such a gift as this. I can only give what I have already been given. All of these and more are wrapped in the person of Jesus. He is your love gift. Given with love.