Sunday, December 7, 2014

Advent - Day 7

On this seventh day of Advent, Ann writes:

"Take a moment to thank God for the ultimate gift of salvation."

Dear Lord,
It is difficult to find words big enough, wide enough, deep enough to say thank You for my salvation. To think that You, the Great Creator - the One who holds the worlds in His hands and and controls all things by the power of His word, chose me. Before I drew a single breath, You called me Your own.

Your love reached down and drew me to Yourself. Me - with all my faults and failings, all my doubts and fears, all my rebellion, selfishness and pride. You sent Your beloved Son to take the punishment I deserve. You washed me clean in His blood and clothed me in His righteousness.

You have given me a life filled with Your abundant grace and the promise of a forever home with You.

I love you Lord.

I'm sorry to have missed Day 6. There will be those occasional, busy days when I don't have time to come here. But I'm reading and storing the words in my heart.