Monday, December 8, 2014

Advent - Day 8

This eight day of Advent has been a beautiful one here - blue skies, bright sunshine and temperatures in the sixties. We walked, and I tried to push the every-growing To Do list out of my mind and slow to cherish the moments.

I think about one of the questions Ann has written for today:

"How would your perspective on the dailyness of life change if you could see that here is holy?"

I still cringe a little bit when someone asks me what I do. With just a touch of apology in my voice I reply, "I've been a homemaker all my life." In my mind I know how worthy an "occupation" Homemaker is - yet there is that little place in my heart yearning to do something "Big" for the Kingdom. And He reminds me that in His kingdom everything is turned upside-down. He specializes in taking our little and turning it into something big.

When the days pass in a rapid succession of sameness, I am learning to slow and look for the little miracles in the moments. He is there, in the familiar faces and places. I have only to look with His eyes.  He is there in my circumstances - surprising and delighting and always faithful.

Here is holy.