Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Advent - Day 9

Advent - Day 9 - and Ann asks a question that is particularly relevant for me just now:

"What evils are you experiencing now that you need God to transform into something good?

It isn't necessary to spell out all the details. Everyone, at one timer another, goes through a difficult time.   Jesus promised many things. He didn't promise a life free of trouble - not even when we try our very best to be the very best we can be. It really has nothing to do with that.

He loves us endlessly. We can't do anything to earn it or make Him love us more. He has already loved us completely - fully. That infinite love will carry us through those dark times. He knows, with unfathomable wisdom, how to take the darkness and turn it into light. He will do something in the deepest part of us that never would have come to us in any other way.

I am finding peace in the midst of things I would not have chosen. It is a promise fulfilled, a miracle of grace - one I never would have found apart from the pain.