Friday, August 7, 2015

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

"We see always what we are looking for, and if our mind has become trained to look for trouble and difficulty and all dark and dreary things, we find just what we seek. On the other hand, it is quite as easy to form the habit of looking always for the beauty, for good, for happiness, for gladness, and here, too, we shall find precisely what we seek."
J.R. Miller (1840)

"I never knew her…fail to find happiness wherever she was placed, and good in whomever she came across. Whatever her circumstances might be, they always yielded to her causes for thankfulness, and work to be done with a ready and hopeful heart."
Horatia K. F. Eden (1846)

Praying we see, with gratitude, the beauty and goodness all around us this weekend.

With love,