Saturday, December 19, 2015

Encouraging Words For the Weekend

The words of one of my favorite Christmas songs bring such encouragement and joy. I hope they minister to you, dear friends.

Hand Of Sweet Release 

Come thou long-expected Jesus
Come illuminate the myst'ries of life
Come redeem us from the refuse
Bring an end to endless suffering and strife
Be the star that shines so brightly
That it draws our weary eyes
To the sky, to heaven's sky
Dearest Child of new beginning
Be the start of something new I cry...

There's an end to all the waiting
There's an answer to the Who and Where
And Why ,tonight
All the years anticipating
Are surrendered to a tiny Baby's cry
There's a dawn to follow darkness
There's a face to fill the title
"Prince of Peace"
What He promised He delivered
I am saved by the Hand of Sweet Release....*

In this war I've been a captive
Just a sinner seeking life and liberty
But these Hands that hold me tightly
Is the Hands that set my shackled-spirit free
Blessed Jesus meek and lowly
You have come into my life and made it new
Now I'm new
Out of bondage into everlasting life
I owe everything to You ...

What He promised He delivered
I am saved by the Hand of Sweet Release

Suzanne Jennings