Thursday, May 19, 2016

Update From the Ark

Greetings from the ark! Okay - that's a bit of an exaggeration, but we've gotten a LOT of rain over the past few days. Enough to strand us for the morning yesterday and cause Bible Study and school cancellations today.

The major road leading to our sub-division has areas at either end marked with "Low Water" signs and big measuring sticks with markings from one to five feet. Once the water begins flowing over the road the barricades go up.

Around 11:30 Tuesday night we could hear the distant roll of thunder. I snuggled contently under the covers. I love a night-time thunder storm - ones that are rather gentle in nature. However, it soon became apparent this one would be anything but gentle.

The wind began to pick up and the lightning flashed like strobe lights. The rain poured down and the wind became stronger. I no longer felt cozy. The sound of the rain against the window resembled a giant power washer. I pictured tree limbs scattered on the ground and prayed our little pump house would still be standing in the morning. It was scary.

We woke to cloudy skies and, much to our relief, a still-standing pump house and intact trees. My husband, ever the adventurer, decided to check on the road. He came back to report water flowing over both crossings and the barricades up. Our weatherman informed us the wind had gusted up to 80 mph.

 By afternoon the water had subsided, and we ventured forth. We delivered groceries to my Mom and Dad and stayed for a little visit. Much to our surprise, they informed us they had gone to Walmart with the Assisted Living bus and done some shopping of their own. A big step for them. They now have enough bread and corn to last a couple of weeks. Seems they bought the same things they had asked us to buy. Ah well - we're just thankful they're beginning to venture forth!

It began raining again this morning. Only one barricade up - so technically we could get out. However, it seems a perfect day to stay home. Just yesterday I was saying, okay complaining, I feel as though I have lost myself. Our days are so full, and we are always on the go. I'm a home-body and love to spend time with handwork, books, old movies, writing, working outside …. all those things we introverts thrive on. I know I need to get out if I'm to actually live a life, but I find myself longing for at least a day or two where I can just be home.

I don't want to give up volunteer work or choir - and I certainly want to spend time with my Mom and Dad. I just have a longing to get back to the things that have been crowded out of my life. I'm going to try to be a bit more intentional about that.

We never complain about rain. We've known too many times of severe drought to take it for granted.

Thank You so much for the rain, Lord. For the filling of the rivers and streams and for the lush growth all around us. And for time at home.